Sudanese beef on the way to Egypt

The Sudanese Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries has announced that it will export approximately 2000 tons of beef to Egypt this week.

Mohamed Abdel Raziq Abdel Aziz, a representative from the Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries, said Sunday "arrangements to export close to 2400 tons of beef are taking place." The deliveries will come from a slaughterhouse in el-Kadro.

Abdel Aziz added that the shipping agreement was reached with a delegation from the Nasr Import and Export Company led by Mohamed Wagdy Goma, director of the company’s commercial operations, on his recent visit to Khartoum.

This shipment is in accordance with a protocol signed between Egypt and Sudan that facilitates the export of live cattle and beef from Sudan to Egyptian markets.

Sudan has been exporting cattle and beef to Egypt for approximately one month, since the World Health Organization declared Sudan free of food-and-mouth disease and other diseases that can infect humans.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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