MP request government briefing on widespread use of Hitler Shot


MP Ahmed Mehanni, a member of the House of Representatives and deputy head of the Freedom Party, submitted a request for a briefing regarding the widespread use of an injection that allegedly helps treat cold and that is commonly called the Hitler Shot.

Mehanni explained in his request, on Tuesday, that “the use of an injection that allegedly helps treat colds has spread, and it is a mixture of antibiotic, cortisone and a pain reliever.”

“This shot has nothing to do with colds. The cortisone in this shot affects the efficiency of the vaccine, as this shot does not treat viral diseases, but increases the antibacteria, which may need another strong antibiotic to fight these bacteria,” he said.

He continued, “Cortisone weakens immunity, which is supposed to be strong to resist the virus.


The last substance in the mixture is analgesics, whose excessive intake leads to an imbalance in kidney functions.”

Mehanni called on the government to clarify how this shot spread in pharmacies and who authorized its use, and the role of the Ministry of Health and the relevant agencies in preventing the circulation, sale and promotion of harmful vaccines, medicines and treatments.

He explained that the absence of oversight on the part of the Ministry of Health is the main reason for the spread of this phenomenon, and demanded the existence of intensive inspection campaigns throughout the country to monitor pharmacies and their employees.

Egyptian health authorities warned against using the mix injection of antibiotic, cortisone, pain reliever, commonly known as the “Hitler Shot”, to treat cold symptoms.

The usage of the concoction has already led to the death of a worker in Port Said several days ago.

Egypt is witnessing increase in coronavirus infections due to Omicron variant, with Egyptians largely are not adhering to precautionary measures, nor using facemasks.

The Ministry of Health has warned against using this injection used in the treatment of colds, explaining that one of the disadvantages of this injection is that it contains antibiotics, which do not treat cold as they are a viral infection.


Excessive use makes the body resistant to it in the long run.


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