Forensic report: Ambiguity surrounds death of Ettehadiya clashes victim

The initial forensic report on the death of a protester during the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace clashes with security forces Friday said he was killed by birdshot in the chest and neck, according to Dr. Imad al-Deeb Abdallah, chief forensic assistant.

The report on the death of Mohamed Qorany, also known as Christie, stated that the type of birdshot was not the same used by police, but could be shot from a police gun. But the gun could not be identified, it said, because no weapons were found.

Cairo University mourned Qorany, a fourth year student in the Faculty of Commerce, after he was killed in the clashes between security forces and opponents of President Mohamed Morsy and his regime.

Cairo University President Hossam Kamel expressed his condolences to Qorany’s family, and decided to give them LE20,000 from the university Social Solidarity Fund, along with LE10,000 from the Faculty of Commerce.

Authorities arrested 16 suspects in the clashes between anti-Morsy protesters and security forces after marches organized by political groups Friday, while the Health Ministry said 88 people were injured in the area.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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