Demos in solidarity with Tahrir Square sit-in

Demonstrations were held in several cities in solidarity with the Tahrir Square sit-in.

In Damietta, members of the April 6 Youth Movement and other political groups staged a sit-in in Al-Saa Square, while families of the revolution’s martyrs staged demonstrations in Suez, threatening to escalate protests if their demands were not met.

In Port Said and Ismailia, thousands of protesters marched the main streets and demanded speedy trials for corrupt figures.

In Kafr al-Sheikh and Mansoura, protesters demanded public trials for police officers accused of killing demonstrators during the revolution.

In Minya and Assiut, demonstrators denounced the recent military council statement and vowed to continue their protests until all demands are met.

In Beni Suef and Aswan, protesters also staged demonstrations and called for social justice.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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