Brotherhood decision to establish party risky gamble, says Abouel Fotouh

The Brotherhood’s decision to establish "a political party is risky both for the community and for the purposes of proselytizing,” said Dr. Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh, a prominent Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Guidance Council Member.

“Egyptian society needs to become more civilized, especially since some Islamic organizations run things in a military fashion, which is restrictive to the mind,” said Abouel Fotouh. “They should run things in the same fashion as civil organizations.”

During a seminar organized by Alif Library on Tuesday evening entitled, “The Brotherhood…what next?” Abul Fotouh said, “Proselytizing must be completely independent of the work of political parties; an Islamic, educational, proselytizing organization should not be involved in party work.”

“Involving religious values in party competition sometimes hurts and devalues the latter, causing the candidate to appear as if he is using a great value such as Islam for his own benefit. The Brotherhood is now confused regarding the relationship between the party and the group how the Brotherhood will go about nominating candidates for the parliamentary elections.”

Abouel Fotouh explained further: “It’s improbable that the Brotherhood group will nominate candidates for the parliamentary elections, and for the party to nominate other candidates, since the party was established to perform [Brotherhood] party duties, and there is a desire to separate the two despite the fact that the Brotherhood group established the party.”

Regarding his intention to run for president, Abouel Fotouh said he is still “thinking it over,” and “hopes” the Brotherhood “can find a patriotic candidate whom [it]  can support as an Egyptian national icon.”

When asked about his priorities should become president, Abouel Fotouh responded: “In order for the country to advance there must be freedom, justice and judicial independence as well as development in education.”

Regarding recent events in Qena, Abouel Fotouh claimed that they “were exploited by those with vested interests to provoke people under the claim that Qena’s governor will always be Christian.” He contended that “the remnants of the former [ruling] regime were behind these events.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition


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