Activists launch community service campaign

Several Egyptian political groups launched a community initiative to start on 23 September under the motto "The Revolution at the People's Service."

The initiative aims to make a tangible impact on people's lives, according to a Facebook page created by activists from the April 6 Youth Movement, the Democratic Front Party, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the National Association for Change, and the Adl Party.

The page said campaign volunteers will visit areas in Cairo, Giza and Qalyubiya for various activities, such as street beautification, garbage removal, medical convoys, traffic organizing, as well as training people as early alerts in security threats.

The initiative will also include giving presents to the families of those martyred in the January uprising, refurnishing some mosques, and political awareness campaigns to help people select candidates in the elections.

The organizers said on Facebook that they believe social services are the key to the revolution's success, especially as many feel that the revolution has failed to achieve the drastic changes desired.

The organizers blamed Egypt’s rulers for the revolution’s failure to reach the lives of ordinary people, comparing their performance on the political, economic and social levels to that of the old regime.

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